How our service is operating during the outbreak of Coronavirus ?

In response to COVID-19, the way we provide our service has changed but don’t worry; we are still here if you need us.

We still really want to hear from you if you need our help or are feeling worried about anything. You can contact Garry Russell at:

garry dot russell @ relaxfamily dot co dot uk

Our team can offer advice over the phone, or arrange for video conferencing so that we can see you. If after speaking to you we think that it is important that we see you face-to-face, we will arrange this. Staff will wear full PPE and ask that family members and any children over the age of three wear a mask if they are able to do so for any face-to-face contacts.

We will phone before we visit to check everyone in the family is well. If you have any Covid-19 symptoms, or you are self isolating, we will offer a virtual review and book follow ups after your isolation period.